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Guinea Pig Santa

I love animals.  My children and I have so many pets that I need all my fingers and toes to count them.  Here is the list from biggest to littlest:  A 65 lb mixed-breed dog, 2 corn snakes (one albino and one black checkered), a guinea pig, an Asian Fire Belly toad, 2 American Green frogs, 2 green anoles, 2 hermit crabs, 1 Betta fish and a tropical fish tank with a puffer fish, algae eater, ram and barb.  The only pet that doesn’t live in a cage is my dog.  This makes it easy to travel!  I have a cat collection because I do love cats.  Unfortunately my husband dislikes cats and I have respected his wish to not have a live one in our home.  I’m okay with this because I grew up with cats and had my share so now I am happy to have the pets my parents never allowed me.  Each tank is set up with a natural habitat, including live house plants in the frog and anole tanks.  The Betta happily swims between the growing roots of a pothos plant.  The guinea pig gets plenty of timothy hay and the snakes eat mice on a regular basis.  The hermit crabs live in a sand/dirt mixture and have gone through 3 moltings where they crawl out of their exoskeleton and grow a new one.  During this time, they hide in the dirt wanting to be undisturbed.  When they come out from hiding they are active and hungry.  My children find the hermit crabs boring but I enjoy their quiet existence.  I visit the local pet store on a weekly basis to pick up live crickets, frozen mice, feeder fish and worms.  You may be wondering where all of these pets are in my house.  The guinea pig, snakes and tropical fish tank are in my boys’ bedroom, the hermit crabs and toad are in the family room (also known as a den or TV room).  The tanks are in a corner of the room, on a wrought iron stand made for 2 ten gallon tanks.  The frogs and anoles are in a huge tank on a beautiful wooden cabinet in my living room.  The tank looks more like a terrarium because of the houseplants growing crazy in there.  It’s a game to try to find the anoles and frogs hiding among the over growth.  Lastly, the Betta fish I raised from a tiny baby and his small hexagonal tank sits on my desk, next to me as I write in my office.  I feel peaceful watching his fins flutter about as he swims through his tiny cave and plants.

♥ Daylily