Sobriety is making depression worse

Things feel pretty hopeless right now.  I’m lifeless.  I have fleeting suicide ideation and no sense of purpose.  Although I slept well last night I want to crawl back under my covers.

Many wise people told me alcohol is a depressant and causes depression. I wonder why I’m more depressed after removing alcohol from my system?  That makes no sense!

Well, I work part-time and I’m home for the day.  Dirty dishes are all over the counter in the kitchen and the laundry calls for me to put it away; but I will have none of it.  I’m going back to bed where I can sleep and forget how I feel — if only briefly until my kids come home from school.

♥ Daylily ♥

13 responses to “Sobriety is making depression worse

  1. I hope you’re feeling better. I have had the same thing happen. I was quite depressed when I first stopped drinking. My only explanation is that perhaps it’s like a food detox…you have to feel crappy before you can feel good. I have been trying to be really good to myself. If I don’t feel like doing anything but lie on the couch and watch vampire diaries, then that’s what I do. And I say, “This too shall pass.” Good luck.

  2. I went through this same thing, it’s important to know, remember, and keep telling yourself that this is chemical and it WILL pass. You need to find ways to boost Oxytocin and Endorphines. And u can always write me if u need advice!

  3. Okay, right now ur experiencing this depression because of the absence of certain chemicals in the brain. (I might do a couple replys because my iPad likes to delete my stuff halfway through writing)
    Endorphines (the “happy” chemical)
    Oxytocin (the “love” chemical)
    A lack of endorphines is usually WHY we drink or drug. Once ur endorphines are back you will feel a natural euphoria. It takes 30 days of sobriety for them to re-grow 45% of the way. Here’s a few ways to trigger the growth of them: **Laughter!! Watch a funny movie, funny YouTube videos….laughter helps ALOT! **Singing. Idk if you like music or not but listening to music and singing helps. It’s weird I know, but certain songs will make you cry and get those emotions out of you. Personally, I suck at singing but I would just sing my heart out. This also triggers Oxytocin and Endorphines. ***Hot Chili Peppers: weird I know!! But believe it or not, they create a squirt of Seretonin

  4. Exercise helps ALOT too. Personally, I was too exhausted to exercise so I did stretches instead.
    Drink ALOT of water.
    Set urself small goals, and find ways to be proud of yourself. You should make a list (or a blog!!) of your GOOD qualities. I would love to hear them 🙂

    • That’s a tall order right now. Not much in the positive side of me lately. I once did a post on me good qualities which I’ve forgotten what they were so it would do me good to find that post!

  5. VITAMINS!! If you are not on vitamins, they are so helpful!!! I take prenatals, I figure if they are designed for 2 people it would help me with all of the damage I’ve done to my body. They help me ALOT! Also get a high potency B-Complex OR B-12 (this helps with energy)
    If you are not on anti-depressants, or if they aren’t working for you, or if you hate the side effects then I HIGHLY recommend St Johns Wort. It is a vitamin, a depression miracle vitamin 🙂 Take 2 tablets 3 times a day, it’s exactly like anti depressants but even better and ZERO side effects.
    You can get these vitamins at the dollar store for pretty cheap. I HIGHLY recommend them, they saved my butt :))

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