Binge drinking among females

This morning a news story about binge drinking among women jumped out at me on the MSN home page. I googled the topic of “binge drinking women” and found all the big news agencies are reporting a recent CDC study. Women are binge drinking more than ever.

I’m not proud of it but I fit the category. Here’s a direct quote from the article.

Recognize that most binge drinkers are not alcohol dependent or alcoholics, but may need counseling.

Oh, is that ever me. I am working on finding new coping skills in therapy. I don’t want to use alcohol to cope with difficult emotions. Really. Truly.

Here’s the link:


10 responses to “Binge drinking among females

  1. My counselor said my numbing behaviors were simply “maladaptive behaviors.” She said, “you did what you had to in order to survive, and now you’re just learning practical tools to handle high emotions in a healthy way.”

    I felt a big ‘click’ when she said that to me. It made perfect sense to me and it was a turning point in my recovery without numbing.

    I thought it might help you, too.

    Hugs to you.

  2. I’m surprised that they say one drink a day is fine. I am guilty of binge drinking as well, as they define it. Good luck with finding other ways to cope, I do the same sometimes! I try to think of whether or not my pattern is hurting anyone. Right now, it’s not, but I suppose that could always change.

    • Thank you for responding to my post. I don’t want to judge you or me in this context. It’s so hard to say having a few too many is bad when it helps us cope. But, for me, I feel my drinking holds me back from experiencing all my emotions.

      I am a work in progress!

  3. I think part of the idea of wither a behavior is- what my therapist would call a “negative coping skill” is- both weither it’s damaging AND wither it blocks one from feeling/being present. It sounds like thats what drinking does for you- which would be part of why it’s a problem. If one keeps numbing out, one can’t deal with, get to, or be aware of all the crap that’s under there- in fact, part of what’s difficult *about* stopping things like this (for me drinking has never been a problem- however self-harm and bulimia/restricting have, among other things) is that then you have to *feel* all the things you were protecting yourself from feeling before.

    I don’t know how much this would work for you- for me it’s worked far better with si then food stuff, but I’m still working on that- but when I was in *my* beginning of trying to stop si’ing (which was NOT when others had wanted me to stop) I didn’t tell myself I *couldn’t*- but would give myself a few other things to try *first* (at that point it was trying to connect to people four different times/ways- by email, a phone call, whatever). Because the wanting to cut was a *sign* that there was something emotionally painful going on, and sometimes if I talked about that it helped. Does this idea make sense/seem to help?

    • Thanks so much for offering some real-life advice. Has this technique helped you from harming yourself? I hope so!

      Negative behaviors that help us cope are such a double edge sword. I have also gone through stages of anorexia and I bite my nails raw when I am at my worst. It might not sound that bad but the physical pain lingers. Right now my fingers sting and throb. I am in a nervous place and I really don’t know who to call or reach out to. I suppose it could be my therapist but I feel vulnerable and the walls are up to protect myself from further pain.

      It feels so complicated. I want to change my behviors but I don’t want the painful emotions to never go away. Drinking/cutting/dieting/drugging all distract from emotions. You are right.

      My plan is to begin talking about triggers with my therapist. I am horrible at exposing undesirable thoughts or feelings so I’m in for a bumpy ride if I have to learn to feel them.


  4. My depression was on and off for years and I would binge drink till I drank every day at some point. I am an alcoholic in recovery. I say binge drinking is a sign of an alcoholic. So many people in AA have the same story of binging and some drank everyday. No different. We drank to self medicate.

    • I hear you and I’ve begun my own recovery. I have a new blog and I would love for you to follow along and offer me any wisdom from your own experience. It’s day 7 and I have a feeling it’s gonna get harder before it gets easier. Today was a rough day but I didn’t drink.


      • Fern,
        I tried to use the link you sent and it won’t take me there.

        It gives this message “You are about to log in to the site “” with the username “www%2Eemotionaldrinkingdotcom”, but the website does not require authentication. This may be an attempt to trick you. Is “” the site you want to visit?”

        I tried to answer you twice and it just dropped the reply box! What is up with WordPress tonight?!?!

        So here goes again.
        7 day is a big WOW. You passed 24 hours and now have 7 days!
        I used to wonder how I would live life sober. How was ever going to have a conversation with anyone or dance or have the courage for any thing. Today I talk to anyone, dance, get silly like a drunk but I’m sober. I had almost 11 years and got away from meetings and the fellowship. I was out there for almost 3 years. I have a little over 2 years now.
        What keeps me and kept me sober is commitments to meetings. Coffee the first year than secretary to two meetings now and treasurer to another. It keeps me coming back.

        Find closed Big Book and 12×12 discussion meetings. Leave open discussion meetings for later. Get a sponsor and work those steps.

        If you should drink again, just keep coming back. We all took a bit to get a foot hold. Don’t ever feel ashamed. We’re with you.

        Keep me posted on how your doing or email me directly at

      • I just had my reply disappear, too so I know what you are talking about.

        Thanks for your supportive words. I think the time has come and I’m ready to stop before the slope gets slipperier. I will try to send you the link again. Last time I wrote it from memory but this time I copy/pasted it so hopefully it will work.

        I’m so excited to have people support me on my journey. You have no idea how much of my life has been in emotional isolation. I hope to hear from you more because you do have so much wisdom. Thanks, Fern

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