I miss my therapist

I never thought in my (almost) 50 years I would gain enough trust with a therapist that I could actually miss her. Hesitant, guarded, cautious and restrained are more like it. This is not because I didn’t want to trust a therapist; I have just been uncertain about whether I could trust anyone.

Childhood sexual abuse caused undeserved feelings of shame, self-blame and guilt that I didn’t want to show anyone. How fucked-up would I look if someone knew the depth of my sense of unworthiness? In my head I felt sure that I had to protect my vulnerable self from being exposed. Those feelings are my weakness and I am defenseless around them.

But recently the tide is changing and I can feel it. Facing those exact feelings with compassion and mindfulness are causing them to lose their potency. I am not that negative voice in my head.

I haven’t seen Lynn for one month and I eagerly look forward to our session tomorrow morning. Well, okay, maybe eager sounds a bit strong since I’m rarely able to admit positive feelings so let’s say I’m feeling more willing to go to therapy than usual. For once, I don’t have an agenda. I feel calm and okay with the idea of her asking me questions about how things are going. My answers won’t feel “wrong” or indicative of some serious emotional issues. I don’t have to be guarded. There is nothing to hide. I am ready to kick my inner critic to the curb. The way to do that is to talk about emotions that I often judge as wrong. I will share my feelings without judging myself.

This is not an easy post to write because I typically don’t feel or write with encouragement and positivity; but somewhere in this post is a person who feels hopeful about the progress she’s making and who is feeling supported by her therapist. (Apologies for the 3rd person point of view in the second clause of the previous sentence; it is the only way I could express optimism). 🙂


8 responses to “I miss my therapist

  1. So glad you are feeling some hope! That’s wonderful!!!

    • Oh, thanks for “liking” my post and commenting. I know sometimes when other’s feel good it can make us feel worse. I hope that’s not the case and you are doing okay. Give Hannah and Zoe belly rubs for me!


  2. That’s great, finding a good therapist and trusting that person is very important.
    Good luck.

    • This is so true and I’ve had a number of good therapists but I’m always holding back a little. I think this time I’m ready to really trust and work on how and why I feel so bad about myself. I really need to change my thinking.

  3. I remember reading all those posts filled with mixed feelings and frustration with your therapist. I am glad there has been a shift in the relationship!

    • You are not kidding and I’m glad you remember. I think you are one of my first blogging followers and I’ve always appreciated your support. You are a good guy/husband/father – don’t ever forget you have a friend in cyberspace!

  4. Yay, Daylily! Freedom to BE…what inspiration for all of us.

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