Changing gun laws in the US

What a senseless act of violence in Newtown, CT.  I can not imagine what these families are feeling.  My heart and prayers are with each one and especially the young children that must live in the aftermath of this traumatic event.

This story hits close to home because my siblings and I went to kindergarten in Connecticut and I have nieces and nephews that live close to this school.

It’s a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened. I am committed to becoming more active about changing the gun laws in the US.  My first step was to sign up on the website Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence   I am going to get informed about what needs to change.  I want to help move the country in the right direction by trying to change gun laws to protect all of us — and especially young children who should never have to face such early trauma and death.

God Bless America

♥ Daylily

2 responses to “Changing gun laws in the US

  1. Hi, I have really appreciated what you have shared in your blog and have nominated your blog as a very inspiring blog.

    Thanks, Paul

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