Coping when I’m depressed

Care for self.

Get out of bed in the morning.

Shower & dress.

Move forward.

Don’t dwell on the negative.

Take my prescribed medications.

Celebrate the loss of 25 lbs.

Continue listening to meditation tapes that bring the focus inward, allowing me to let go of the day’s stress.

Keep the appointment with the plastic surgeon.  Get that age spot removed. Do not feel intimidated. Do it. Don’t think of the big things that could be “fixed”.  Tummy tuck, breast restoration, eye-lift, you name it.  Not looking for perfection.

Offer myself basic self-caring.

Keep washing my face and using moisturizer. Apply Retinol cream to hold off the wrinkles.

Eat healthy and small portions.  Be conscious about what goes into my mouth.

Stay on the right path and ease up on wine. No drink since Saturday.

Drink a lot of water.

Accept that the house is not in perfect order.

Accept my kids for who they are. Don’t set expectations higher than possible.

Positive signs:

Went to the dentist and got that tooth fixed.

Joined a health club and pushed myself through a Pilate’s class — 3 times!

Colored hair to hide a few stray grays but otherwise it is my natural brown.

Got nails manicured as reward for not biting them. Dark purple not the usual barely-there shade.

Been walking my dog in wooded conservation lands and enjoying the time with my devoted animal.

Depression is lurking

When I’m depressed I can go into hyper-overdrive caring for myself in order to continue functioning in the real world. This is where I am.

I noticeably left out my husband.  I have little to offer others in the family, whose needs are as great as mine. With this I fall short. All I do for myself is selfish if I don’t offer anything to others. Depressive thought but significant sign of not being mentally well. My behavior is introspective and guarded. Self-blame and guilt set in.

Stop the thoughts before I spiral downward.


5 responses to “Coping when I’m depressed

  1. Sometimes our priorities need to be ourselves. Keep pushing on. I am very happy to read about your progress with the wine.

  2. Good for you! Shove that guilt to the curb. It doesn’t belong to you – don’t pick it up. You’re doing great.

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