Depression, faith, and anti-depressants

I love how this blogger describes her journey of acceptance with depression and the need for antidepressants.

Lori Lara

One of the first questions people ask about my recovery from major depression is whether or not I took antidepressant medication. The short answer is unabashedly YES…..but it took a long time to make that choice, and when I did, it took a long time for me to admit it. After years of self-examination and therapy, I’ve boiled down the resistance to 3 reasons: ignorance, shame, and pride.

Because I was experiencing severe panic attacks and major depression, by the end of my first counseling session 6 years ago, my counselor recommended antidepressant medicine. I knew I needed help but I was totally against medication. I thought my faith in God should heal my depression and I should be strong enough to get better by myself. I ignorantly thought that antidepressants were for weak, ungrateful people who just want to whine about their circumstances…not strong people like I am

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2 responses to “Depression, faith, and anti-depressants

  1. Nice story. 🙂

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