Thinking Positive

Thinking Positive

These traits are my strengths. This exercise was for me to appreciate myself for who I am in this moment.

It’s hard to say I love myself because these strengths are not what was valued growing up in my family of origin. But they have value and I must learn to recognize and acknowledge this truth.

9 responses to “Thinking Positive

  1. These traits have a great deal of value to most healthy people.

    • Yes, I agree but in the eyes of the family that raised me I should also be focused, driven, in pursuit of intellect and achieved the highest of academia. Every other sentence should be a quote from a famous literary person or a pun on words and phrases and I should be an expert with the English language. I fall way short because I don’t really care much about proving my skill with that. I do love literature, poetry and writing but not the way my family memorizes and recognizes all things English. I always feel stupid around my mom and brothers. But, I know I have positive traits and that’s why I did that exercise. I’m different but I’m okay just the way I am.

      • southafricanwhitegirl

        I can so relate. Except I’m “defective” for not chasing after money like a mad thing. I love your flower. your post. ie. You!

      • You are always so nice to me. Like a breath of fresh air. Money isn’t everything so don’t feel bad that you are not chasing it like your family of origin expects. It’s your life and you do it your way. I think you have a wonderful family and lots of love that’s what’s important. –Daylily

  2. This is so gorgeous, and such a good thing to see! I want to make one of these! What a great way to remind yourself of who you truly are, and the qualities that matter to you. Very, very beautiful and inspiring, thank you for sharing it!

  3. This is beautiful! What a great project for everyone to do – in fact, I think I’ll do this with our kids and add leaves each year as they discover new qualities and gifts.
    You’re a soulful person with deep, spiritual gifts. I’m sorry you didn’t have a mentor to draw these out to the surface for you when you were younger (nor did I)…Learning to appreciate our gifts allows us to celebrate it with everyone else. I realize my family didn’t appreciate their own gifts (they were never taught), so how could they possibly pass it on to me…this perspective helps me because I see it wasn’t a cruel choice on their part to hurt me- it was a severe limitation based on their upbringing.

    anyway, thanks for sharing this….:)

    • Thanks and I am trying to learn to believe what you wrote. Yes, I do have gifts and so do you — they may be different but they make us unique and special! –Daylily

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