Not defined by past experiences

This simple blog post speaks volumes to me. It is what I need to hear right now. –Daylily


You may struggle to understand your authentic self. For instance, you may unconsciously assume that you are the collection of old habits of mind that you have accrued over your lifetime in reaction to difficulty, disappointment and uncertainty. You may believe you are someone who is anxious because as a child you had to endure a constant stream of criticism from your parents. Or you may see yourself as a failure because you haven’t achieved your career goals. But these conditioned  mind states are not you – they are merely thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings, as you can observe for yourself, are temporary and ever-changing, and arise episodically. So while they may characterise your experience sometimes, they don’t define you. Your authentic self is defined by the values from which you respond to these mind states.

Phillip Moffitt, Emotional Chaos to Clarity

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One response to “Not defined by past experiences

  1. This must be a recurring theme all around me, as I have had more conversations about this than I can count over the last three days. One of the things we have said to each other in these convos is: we are defined by how we have been made and formed by the hand of God, not by the hand of any man, nor at the hands of our own mistakes.

    Also: you are not defined by the wrongs you have been done or the wrongs done to you, but rather how wrong it would be if you never existed. You are so important and vital…not only to Him and the ones that love you and need you, but you are simply worthy of being cherished and appreciated for who you are, simply your heart.

    And since you know you would do this for someone you cared about, it’s your turn, again, to stop and allow yourself to receive this embrace yourself. 🙂

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