Klonopin Warning

Klonopin Warning

I feel stupid for mixing Klonopin with alcohol when I knew the warnings. I got so dizzy, I lost my balance and fell hard and now I have cuts, bruises and scrapes to show for my stupidity.

How do I tell my therapist tomorrow?
“I didn’t listen to your warnings and nearly broke my arm.”
What will she say or do?
Take me off the Klonopin? That will be hard because my insurance company is shipping me a ninety-day supply in the mail.
Give me a lecture about my drinking? Recommend AA?
I feel like I’m in trouble and I’m headed to the therapist for a spanking.
I’m so hard on myself that I don’t take criticism from others very well.

2 responses to “Klonopin Warning

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. You could have done something way more stupid, like drive, or operate heavy machinery, or bought a monkey.
    You made a mistake…and lets face it, it was a tempting mistake to make. I’ve done it just to see what happens…can’t say I’ve injured myself in such a spectacular fashion though… if you are planning a next time, maybe wear a crash helmet.
    But most of all, don’t beat yourself up 🙂 Small blip on an otherwise colourful landscape..right?
    [Should take some of my own advice huh…!!!]
    Stay strong – anx

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