Trying to be healthy is causing me to feel worse…

I’m feeling really tired and I think it’s because I began focusing on my food intake and my physical activity levels, in the hopes of losing weight.  The Wellbutrin has curbed my appetite and I lost an easy 10 lbs so I got inspired to lose more.  I registered on a site called  that helps “plan, analyze, and track your diet and physical activity.”  So, for 3 days I’ve been going on this site and inputting everything I eat for each day and the exercise I do.  Great idea, right?

In theory, yes.  In practice, I’m run-down and irritable from the healthy eating plan.  It’s become a burden that I don’t feel ready to take on.  I’ve lost 50 lbs before (operative word here) but I had more self-motivation than I have right now.   But, I’ve lost 15 lbs and last night I dropped another 1/2 pound.  You may see where this is going.  I’m obsessing slightly and setting up an expectation that I must do this — or else!  So, I feel compelled to keep going. 

To help with my irritability I took 1/2 my Klonopin at 6 pm and I’ll take the other half at bedtime (when I normally take all of it).  The pill made me so tired I can barely keep my head up and I’ve got things to do, including get the kids to put their clean clothes away (since Sunday), get them to clean up their school papers that are scattered all over the house and go to the store to pick up milk for breakfast. 

The truth, what’s one more day with the mess?  Let Husband get the milk.  I should care for myself, put on my nightie and slippers and go watch tv on the couch.  The family would probably like it better if I stopped bitching at them and just chilled out so that’s what I’ll do. 

First, I need to input the food I ate today into choosemyplate.  I’m pretty sure I reached my target of calories and exercise so that is good (I think).♥

4 responses to “Trying to be healthy is causing me to feel worse…

  1. Congrats on the weight loss. I wish I had something insightful to saw about how it affects your mood, but I’ve got nothing tonight. sorry. Maybe you are not eating enough so the hunger is making you edgy? I can be a real dick if I dont eat enough. Long term a healthier lifestyle should make you feel better. RIght? My own weight loss has stalled, and I am trying not to gain it back. FIngers crossed.

    • Yes, in the long run I will be healthier if I lose weight. I just have to get used to feeling hungry most of the time. Fortunately the Wellbutrin is allowing me to be able to withstand the feeling of hunger. But, can I stand the change in my mood? We shall see! Hopefully, I’ll adjust.

  2. You don’t have to be hungry!! You can eat lots of veggies, fruit, nuts, and healthy fats and protein; especially if you have depression. Think of it as fueling your brain and body, not taking things away and depriving yourself. Say goodbye to sugar and processed stuff, and say hello to stable moods, increased energy and better sleep. I am on my seventh week of eating “clean”. Never would have believed the changes if I did not experience them myself. Have also been dealing with depression for over 25 years. You’ll get there, but please be kind to yourself 🙂

    • Yes, I agree with you and I stay away from sugars but I do love carbs. I am trying to learn to eat more nuts, fruits and vegies. Thanks for your thoughts. I’m glad you are feeling good.

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