Goal–Quit drinking for “Alcohol Awareness Month”

I need to get a positive post out here after that last one that made me feel horrible about myself.  I can’t leave my blog that way.  Amazing what a restorative night’s sleep can do.  I slept like the dead last night and I woke up feeling energetic, clear-headed and I got a lot of productive things done today.   I did take the klonopin, which seems to counterbalance the Wellbutrin but no alcohol.  We all know alcohol is bad for you and I am super sensitive to when I feel awful.  It doesn’t take much to mess up my sense of equilibrium.  Ironically, I googled “how alcohol effects sleep” and I learned April is Alcohol Awareness Month in the US.  l  take that as a sign that April is my month to stop the abuse of alcohol.  http://www.ncadd.org/index.php/for-the-media/press-releases-a-news-articles 

Starting now…♥

2 responses to “Goal–Quit drinking for “Alcohol Awareness Month”

  1. My sister of the scar:
    (saw this on a blog)
    I really believe your subconcious is showing us that you are still that tormented young girl who bit her nails and that your “secret” needs more loving acknowledgement, not more drugs(or alcohol…same thing). it was HUGE what happened to you. a CRIME. a heinous despicable crime. Who could ever blame you for the drinking??? my God. Please be more forgiving of yourself. you poor thing. You are often in my thoughts xxx

    • Funny how you can cut right through the bullshit and see the truth. I wonder if my therapist thinks the same thing? Or do you think I’ve got her fooled?

      What you’re saying seems harder than “quitting alcohol” because I have to re-live the pain of my childhood.

      “Sister of the scar” — I like that.


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