Got a plan for therapy tomorrow

I read a thought-provoking blog by a therapist and I believe he is describing my problem with feeling uncomfortable with Lynn.  I am struggling to be the perfect patient who isn’t a burden or who looks and acts all “crazy”.  My shame and guilt are holding me back from sharing parts of me that feel pissed off, shameful, hurt or worthless.  Instead I try to make it seem like the depression is separate from the real me who is completely balanced and normal…We all know that’s a crock of shit.  I am going to consciously go to therapy tomorrow and try to open up about some negative stuff that I don’t let on with other people.  Intellectually, I know it’s okay to share issues that I think are bad for me to think or feel; but, I don’t do it because acting or expressing such things would not be socially acceptable.  But, so what? Therapy is where I should let it all out so I’m going to do it.   I have no idea yet what exactly that’s going to be so stayed tuned. ♥

“If I put aside any masks and let myself show the real me, the healthiest parts as well as the most dysfunctional, the therapist and I can make an honest appraisal and get to work.”

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