Did you ever ask your therapist what your DSM-IV number is?

I asked Lynn during our last therapy session, “What diagnosis have you given me for the insurance company?”

She said, “That’s easy” and rattled off a number which I recollect as being DSM-IV 296.33.  My previous therapist’s have answered that same question with words like PTSD, Dysthymic Disorder and depression so I didn’t expect a number and I was pleasantly surprised.  This makes me think Lynn is being honest and fully up-front with me.  Of course, I had to look up the number when I got home.

DSM is taken from the American Psychiatric Association Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition.  The DSM number describes the specific mental health disorder that a person has. My particular number means “major depressive disorder, recurrent, severe without psychotic features.”  I’m not absolutely sure I heard the last 2 numbers correctly.  Maybe it was 296.32 which is moderate depression not severe. Or maybe she classified me as mildly depressed, 296.31.  When I see her next week I will ask her again and write down what she says.  My desire to stay in control needs to know.  You could definitely say I have trouble with feeling vulnerable. ☺

What’s your number?    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DSM-IV_Codes

2 responses to “Did you ever ask your therapist what your DSM-IV number is?

  1. That is funny. When I read the first part of this post on my list of followed blogs it only went as far as the number she gave you. I was thinking I have never been given a number but the current shrink once answered that question with something like “Severe Depressive Disorder without some scary Tendancies”. Then I opened your post and read further and thought oh yeah that’s it. Major Depressive Disorder, Recurrent, Severe without Psychotic features, welcome to the club 😉

    I always thought the severe part was making it out to be more than it was.

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