Depression Shows Up Without an Invitation

Hey, I did not invite you, depression. If nothing else, I’ve spent the last month trying to prepare for your attack and keep you away. What are you doing here?

Here’s a fact – I don’t need studies or documentaries to prove this because I live it. Depression cannot be outwitted by an intelligent, savvy person. Male or female, smart or-not-so smart, depression happens because of an imbalance in brain chemistry.

The reason I know this is because when I’m lucid – off all meds and not depressed – I know what normal thinking is. I am what is considered normal and I believe everyone else is the same.

Our beliefs and feelings change when depressive thoughts intrude into our thinking.

You and I know these thoughts are not us but we also feel different because they have entered our thinking and become us.

How unfair, that smart people can be attacked by something in their brain.

It totally pisses me off that I suffer from depression without my approval.

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