Cry No More – Holding onto happiness like a constrictor…

This has been a productive week for me. I’m feeling good in terms of my personal growth. 5 things jump out at me:

  1. I’ve been off Pristiq for 3 weeks
  2. I feel peaceful for the first time in years
  3. I went to another support group, Women for Sobriety, to help with my excessive wine drinking
  4. I saw my therapist (for the 3rd time) and she made me believe I may not need drugs for depression (at least not now—yippee!)
  5. Tonight I told my husband of 22 years about getting off antidepressants and that made all of this real to me. He said Good for you and meant it.

Wow, this is real-life shit and I’m living it…

What a tremendous feeling to actively be making positive steps toward a future that does not have a vision of me depressed, crawling through the days by eating, drinking and sleeping too much.

I’ve got to wrap myself around this sensation so that I can trap it — like my son’s corn snake when he catches a fuzzy rodent dinner. There’s no way the snake is letting his catch get away and I want that for my new-found sense of contentment.

I know I must work hard but I am ready…♥

I love reptiles, rodents & amphibians. Their needs are so primitive that no thought or feeling is involved in anything they do. Think about it… anyone with a mental illness can only wish for such a simple life. Imagine!

One response to “Cry No More – Holding onto happiness like a constrictor…

  1. I like your comment on rodents and whatnot. Some may not got it, even those that have suffered, but I have made similar observations when it comes to people. I over think and over feel everything. My best and worst characteristic may be a strong sense of empathy. I have lived and worked with people who are none of the above. They hardly seem to think or feel anything. It is horribly non-PC to say, but I have often been jealous of their ignorance. How liberating it must be to happily dig ditches all day, be happy with your days work when you go home, enjoy your family and sleep a dreamless sleep. I am well aware that this is an unfair characterization and a false observation. One can never really know what it is like to live in another’s shoes and these guys I have known may in fact be miserable, but that is not how it felt watching from the outside.

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