When Will This Drug be OUT of My system?

November 14, 2011

The SSRI withdrawal I’m going through has a name:  SSRI discontinuation syndrome or SSRI withdrawal Syndrome.  I prefer calling in withdrawal because “discontinuation” just makes it seem like it’s not something brought about by a drug cessation.  I discontinue receiving the newspaper.  You could say it’s brought on by discontinuation.  Why’s it called a syndrome anyway?  It seems more aptly put to just say withdrawal symptoms.  Period.  Maybe I’m being nitpicky and it really doesn’t matter, does it? 

I am less dizzy today but not completely better.  I went to work and felt okay.  Came home and slept from 1-3 and felt even better.  I have more energy and I am finally catching up with housework and my to-do list before having guests come for Thanksgiving.  Relief that I feel better.  My nose was clearer to day so I wonder if I had a sinus infection on top of the SSRI withdrawal symptoms. 

November 15, 2011

Dizziness is still with me but I pushed through it with a medium coffee and a candy bar, something I rarely do.  I usually take a nap but I had work to do for school.  I was very productive and got an abundance of things done today.  I suspect I will sleep great!

Anger is overtaking me and I’m making my whole family on edge.  My husband is telling me to chill out and my 10 year old is not letting up on me and we are fighting.  I want things done, I want them done my way and I want them done now.  I am usually more relaxed with the boys and what they do.  I am also more laid back about my house but with company coming I’m washing shower curtains, organizing the laundry room and cleaning the fridge.  It’s difficult to say whether I’m stressed about all the things I have to do or am I anxious or am I effected by the drug withdrawal?  The age old question What the hell is wrong with me?  My family might differ but I don’t see that it’s bad enough to get on the Wellbutrin.  At this point I’m curious to know how I will feel when I get all mood altering drugs out of my system.

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