Do I Feel Good?

November 17, 2011

The dizziness is finally subsiding.  I have a slight sense of disequilibrium when I first get up and move my head quickly but it promptly dissipates and I think Hey, this drug is finally leaving my system. 

Do I feel good?  I notice I don’t feel as crappy.  I’m not feeling depressed at all so that is good.  I wasn’t as angry today so that is good.  Headache is going away so that is good,  although today I had a few pangs of head pain on my left side (which I never have, even with migraines, it’s always my right).  I chalked it up to this drug leaving and the serotonin resetting to normal.  I’m thinking clearer; I’m sleeping better; I’m not as tired during the day.   Yes, right now I feel pretty good. 

I haven’t had a drink of any alcohol since last weekend.  9 days.  That is certainly a contributing factor for why I feel good, too.  I hope to keep it up and see what normal/baseline is.

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